Reports on Policy and Market Analysis

Reports on Policy and Market Analysis


The 3rd issue of the MUSTEC Working Document series covers the work carried out under Work Package 6 of the Project on Policy and Market Analysis. Section 1 provides an overview of the support mechanisms utilised so far for CSP deployment. Section 2 delves into the CSP industry survey conducted under MUSTEC, which was focalised on the business models in place for CSP. CSP projects can be particularly complicated, entailing a great range of stakeholders across the entire business process.

Report: Public acceptance of joint projects in renewable energies. A survey study in four countries

This report is aimed at: (1) Understanding the perceived benefits and risks (including ethical issues) and the levels of acceptance and support for joint projects in renewable energies (concentrated solar power (CSP) and wind energy projects) among the public in various EU countries; (2) Understanding the motives for potential rejection of cooperation mechanisms and; (3) Exploring the determinants of public acceptance and support for cooperation mechanisms. Read more on this report here.

Report: Current Project Structures and Financing Opportunities for CSP Projects

This report aims to identify the existing business models for CSP structuring and financing opportunities across Europe, providing thus the base for the derivation of new appropriate models. It is demonstrated that overall the CSP industry has been forced to make adjustments to its original business models, by adding additional services and covering more stages of the CSP value chain. Moreover, due to the CSP deployment rates, they have been forced to modify their value proposition, by adding other technologies.