Reports on Lessons Learnt so far for the uptake of CSP projects

Reports on Lessons Learnt so far for the uptake of CSP projects


A new series of MUSTEC outputs has been launched, with the first MUSTEC Working Document for May 2020 being now available. This document summarises the main MUSTEC findings for policy makers regarding the lessons learnt and key factors affecting CSP, the cooperation mechanisms, and consequently the obstacles encountered by the cooperation mechanisms for CSP.


Within the MUSTEC project, this report aims to consolidate the findings of the previous work packages and to summarize and systematize the major lessons learnt on CSP development and RES cooperation in Europe. Rather than generating new content, the report tries to synthesize and highlight the most relevant barriers and drivers for collaborative CSP deployment identified in the frame of the MUSTEC project so far, which are relevant for the possibilities for potential CSP cooperation projects in the future.

Report: Potential Obstacles for the Use of Cooperation Mechanisms for CSP in the Future

This report provides an integrated analytical framework to identify the drivers and barriers to the use of cooperation mechanisms for CSP deployment, empirically identifies those drivers and barriers and ranks them according to the views of different types of stakeholders. Our findings demonstrate the most significant barriers to be the higher costs of CSP compared to other renewables (on an LCOE basis), heterogeneous regulated energy prices and support schemes, resistance to lose sovereignty over energy market and existing interconnections capacities.

Report: Analysis of the Drivers and Barriers to the Market Uptake of CSP in the EU

Identifying the specific barriers and drivers that affect CSP deployment is a necessary exercise before specific policy measures can be proposed, activating those drivers or removing the associated barriers.

Report: Analysis of the barriers to the use of the cooperation mechanisms for renewable energy in the EU

Aiming to provide Member States with flexibility and cost-effectiveness in their effort to achieve both EU and National binding RES targets, Directive 2009/28/EC set the legal framework for the use of cooperation mechanisms among MS.

Report: Whither CSP? Taking stock of a decade of concentrating solar power expansion and development

Ten years ago, CSP was a technology that most people were not aware of. This report maps the expansion, cost development as well as technologic and industrial trends of CSP over the last decade, drawing conclusions about the status and outlook for the continuous expansion of CSP, both at a European and a global level. You may download the report here.