Report: Evaluation of the Pros and Cons of Different Alternative CSP Projects and Policy Implications

This report provides an analytical/methodological framework to assess the pros and cons of different types of CSP projects, which are potentially suitable for cooperation, as mediated by their impact on a set of assessment variables and intermediate factors (drivers and barriers to CSP cooperation, policy goals and context factors). Based on the gathering of hard data on the assessment variables as well as intermediate factors (drivers and barriers, policy goals and context factors) and stakeholder interviews, it analyses the pros and cons of different types of CSP projects potentially suitable for cooperation and identifies some policy implications.

Taking those aspects into account, projects which are particularly suitable for cooperation are those which provide dispatchable electricity, i.e., are equipped with considerable storage capacities. However, which project types are more suitable for cooperation, i.e., the features that they should have in order to be attractive for importing and exporting countries in this context also depends on the policy priorities of these countries, and are analysed in the full report.

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