Policy Briefs

1st MUSTEC Policy Brief, December 2018

1st policy brief The first MUSTEC policy brief on the Potential Obstacles to the Use of Cooperation Mechanisms for CSP in the Future is out. Read the Policy Brief.

2nd MUSTEC Policy Brief, June 2019

2nd Policy Brief

The 2nd MUSTEC Policy Brief on policy pathways for Spain’s energy transition is now available, describing and quantifying three different energy policy pathways for Spain’s energy transition. Read more on the Policy Brief.

3rd MUSTEC Policy Brief, January 2020

Issue 3

The 3rd MUSTEC Policy Brief on Policies for CSP deployment by renewable energy cooperation in the EU is now available, delving into the extent to which CSP will benefit from new measures and instruments. Read more on the Policy Brief.

4th MUSTEC Policy Brief, March 2021

policybrief The 4th MUSTEC Policy Brief on Geopolitics and energy security of CSP deployment for domestic use and intra-European trade in the time of COVID-19 is now available. Read more on the Policy Brief.