The SOCRATCES consortium together with MUSTECNEXTOWER and SFERA-III projects organized on June 25th a CSP Projects Joint Webinar with the aim of highlighting Concentrated Solar Power Plants, their potential and the future within the new Horizon Europe framework.

More than 100 participants registered the webinar, which was moderated by Ángela Magno, project manager at Bioazul and dissemination leader of SOCRATCES project.

The webinar started with an introductory session where the participants projects were introduced. The event began with the presentation of MUSTEC "Market uptake of solar thermal electricity through cooperation”, the project was presented by Alexandra Papadopoulou, Senior Researcher at UPRC and dissemination leader of MUSTEC (Link to presentation).

Then Antonio Rinaldi, senior researcher at the ENEA Sustainability Department of Productive and Territorial Systems, introduced NEXTOWER project which works on developing “Advanced material solutions for next generation high efficiency concentrated solar power tower systems” (Link to presentation).

Afterwards, the presentation of the SFERA-III project on Solar Facilities for the European Research was made by Ricardo Sanchez, EU Project Manager at CIEMAT and coordinator of the project (Link to presentation).

And next Ricardo Chacartegui, Professor of the Energy Engineering  Department of the University of Seville and coordinator of SOCRATCES project gave an overview done in the project about “Solar Calcium-looping integration for Thermo-Chemical Energy Storage” (Link to presentation).

Finally, Julio Marchamalo, international project manager at the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, third party of the Spanish State Research Agency (AEI-FECYT), explained the CSP ERANET a Public-public partnership in the Concentrated Solar Power technology, for bridging the gap between research and commercial deployment in the Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology (Link to presentation).

Read more about webinar here.