Report: Lessons from existing cooperation initiatives, competing technologies and concepts

The objective of this report is twofold. On one hand, to review the current cooperative initiatives that have been launched over the past years in the European Union, study their characteristics and achievements and outline the lessons learned. On the other hand, to assess competitive dispatchable RES technologies that could be utilised for achieving high RES penetration scenarios, especially if the long-term European decarbonisation strategy for 2050 is considered.

Report: Public acceptance of joint projects in renewable energies. A survey study in four countries

This report is aimed at: (1) Understanding the perceived benefits and risks (including ethical issues) and the levels of acceptance and support for joint projects in renewable energies (concentrated solar power (CSP) and wind energy projects) among the public in various EU countries; (2) Understanding the motives for potential rejection of cooperation mechanisms and; (3) Exploring the determinants of public acceptance and support for cooperation mechanisms. Read more on this report here.