Report: Whither CSP? Taking stock of a decade of concentrating solar power expansion and development

Ten years ago, CSP was a technology that most people were not aware of. This report maps the expansion, cost development as well as technologic and industrial trends of CSP over the last decade, drawing conclusions about the status and outlook for the continuous expansion of CSP, both at a European and a global level. You may download the report here.

May 8-9th, 2018 / Zurich, Switzerland

MUSTEC partners held a meeting in ETH premises, Zurich, on the 8-9th of May, to review the progress of work, discuss the way forward and plan the next steps. The partners identified the challenges MUSTEC should deal with, exchanged views and opinions on technical issues, as well as ways of engaging the respective stakeholders, and organized the upcoming tasks in a collaborative manner.

Report: Mapping the policy variables affecting the potential role of CSP in EU

The market uptake of CSP largely depends on the policy decisions to be adopted at the EU level. This report explores a number of different policy variables to be considered in the development of alternative policy pathways, focusing on those accessible to change by European policy-makers.You may download the report here.

January 25th, 2018 / Brussels –Belgium

On January 25th, MUSTEC had presence in the High Level Event S3P Energy, organized in Berlaymont, Brussels – Belgium. The scope of the event was promoting clean energy through innovation in regions, discussing the role of Smart Specialisation and the current state of play and reflections for the future. The agenda for the event is available for download here

kick off meeting

On October 18th, 2017, the kick off meeting of the MUSTEC project was realized in CIEMAT premises, Madrid - Spain. The day was dedicated to the launch of the technical work, with detailed presentations and discussions on the objectives and targets set under each WP, including issues of administrative nature. The event was organized back to back with the MUSTEC Stakeholders’ Consultation, held in the same premises on October 19th, where messages from the industrial and research community, as well as policy actors were conveyed.